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Evolving Web Creation

Evolving Website Design, Creation, Maintenance and Support


About Us

Let's meet the folks!

Key Points

Software Development is in our blood ...

We've been developing applications and websites for over 20 years, with our goal to create the website that best represents your organization or business on the web!

Collaboration is paramount ...

To create your website, we work with you, starting the theme and structure discussions, so we can get the site up quickly. Now that it's live, we continually add content to shape it and add your personality!

It's your website ...

Each website we create is different, since we work tirelessly to shape your website into your vision. This process does NOT happen overnight, but as content is added, your site continually evolves.


You are a magician. Excellent work!!! This is looking great - and I am totally blown away by the initial image of the home page.

John Hadfield (the Owner) of JohnHadfield.Net

With the new site, business is increasing so much I need more help.

Don Austin (the Owner) of LeafGuard of Delmarva

I keep getting compliments about our new website from veterinarians and exhibitors, GREAT JOB!

Howie Lee (the Owner) of Veterinary Association Management

A bit about our team...

All great collaborations are a team effort ...

Software development is in our blood!  Designing and creating a website is another form of software development, and since we have many years of experience working with clients in developing our Animal Hospital Management System, we have a nack for helping folks represent their organization or business on the web.

Evolving Web Creation is a division of Britton’s Wise Computers, Incorporated (BWCi), our software development  business which has been in existence since 1993 and was developed for the primary purpose of providing fluid technology in the animal health community. BWCi developed and implemented an electronic animal health system that has been operational for more than 18 years.  It exceeds the one-dimensional medical record requirements of a “human” system by addressing the concerns of multiple species, breeds; pharmaceuticals which are breed and weight dependent; diseases and disease control which are breed and/or species specific;  animal dependencies such as ownership and transfer, medical equipment connectivity and more. The final system can be provided as an “out-of-the-box” hospital management system for the average veterinary office.

 BWCi moved on to project-oriented technology solutions in 2000 and has completed 2 major and 4 minor projects in the past seven years.  These projects range from scheduling in the largest animal hospital in the US to a web-based ordering system for pet products in the private sector. We use standard project management techniques to identify concerns and solutions, segment project into attainable benchmarks, test and reevaluate.  Depending on the nature of the contract, user groups provide initial input or valuable feedback; Critical documents and reports are analyzed early in the planning;  And a wish list is developed to provide ultimate satisfaction for the end product.

Our staff is small with extensive experience in veterinary or medical offices, programming in the private sector, technology consulting for both government and national associations, and teaching.  With multiple projects in our background, we are experienced in temporary growth, outsourcing and provide work exchange credits with our local technology college.

When not in the project mode, we focus on new technologies and connectivity with the web (cloud-based).  One such technology allows the use of a “Pen” to write on specialty paper.  The results load directly from pen into an animal’s comment field. You can imagine the benefits of such a pen in a field operation.  We have recently developed relationships with complimenting industries like “Pet Portals” which allows clients to access their pet’s information via an internet portal to their vet’s office – even allowing them to schedule an appointment remotely. In addition, our base system was designed in a Windows 95 world using Paradox.  The world has shifted towards the internet and we are answering by moving our successful application into the Microsoft .NET framework.  The shift began September 2008 and is being implemented at our largest client hospitals.

While we specialize in technology integration for veterinary practices, we provide a intimate partnership with our clients, to help them smoothly transition to the best practice management system or to a great website that represents their organization or business.

We are so proud of our sites...

It's all about our sites, not our pretty faces!



    The Academy of Dog Training and Agility uses their website as their sole advertising medium, and as an information resource for its members.

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    EZU Signs

    Since they use our information management system to handle their business, we wanted EZU Signs to have a great website, that portrays the personality of the owner, and provides a full online catalog for engraving.

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    Jacko Africa Safaris

    We met Jackson Wekesa in Kenya when on safari, thanks to my father.  Jackson was starting his safari company, and needed the most effective way to tell the world about his uniqueness and passion.  The rest is history, so take a look!

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    Purple Moon

    Dr. Laurie Dohmen has used our veterinary practice management system (AHMS or QuickVet) for years, so when she started her holistic veterinary business, Purple Moon Herbs and Studies, she needed a educational website.  We took on the challenge, so take a look!

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    John Hadfield

    John Hadfield, a very unique gentleman and performer, had a very basic website promoting his educational shows.  Working together, his site (Human, Robot & Canine Comedy) now represents his personality and what he has to offer, so take a look!

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    Mountain Valley

    Dr. Roy McCorkle, the owner of Mountain Valley Veterinary Hospital needed to improve his practice's web presence.  Since he used our veterinary practice management system (AHMS or QuickVet) for years, he turned to us for help, so take a look!

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    Barbara & Ken MacMannis are missionaries in Haiti, for Love  A Child.  They wanted a way to communicate their incredible work in Haiti and to reach out for donations, helping the Haitians deal with a major earthquake and now Hurricane Matthew, so take a look!

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    Veterinary Management

    Martha and Howie Lee organize continuing education for veterinarians, through their veterinary conferences.  We have exhibited our software at their conferences for years, and once we saw their website, we had to help, so take a look!

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    Don Austin has used our information management system to run his gutter company, LeafGaurd of Delmarva.  When he was ready to put his business on the internet, we worked together to create a straightforward, educational site about his products and services, so take a look!

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