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Evolving Web Creation

Evolving Website Design, Creation, Maintenance and Support


Our Portfolio

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  • The Academy of Dog Training and Agility

    Academy of Dog Training & Agility

    The Academy of Dog Training and Agility began their web presence using a site donated by one of their students.  It was rudimentary and was not being updated with the latest information.  A website needs to be visually engaging, and must provide ongoing, pertinent information to the clients and the public.  Timely updates are critical and required to keep folks viewing.

    Now their site has everything they want!  As content is received, we expand their site with more dimensions!

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  • EZU Signs

    EZU Signs

    EZU Signs had gone through 2 websites, with the last website being a template-driven site provided by one of the storefront web companies.  This site was vanilla, lacking any personality and difficult to use.  They continued to promote their business at dog shows as a vendor, since the site was not generating enough business.

    Now, their site has personality, and web sales have improved so much that they no longer go to dog shows, and they are upgrading their engravers!

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  • Magnolia Baskets

    Magnolia Baskets

    Magnolia Baskets focuses on crafting and selling a diverse range of hand-dyed basket weaving materials and finished baskets. They specialize in space dyed reed and cane, offering both solid and multi-colored options, alongside natural reed, cane, and seagrass. Their website also promotes basket weaving classes held at their Delaware location, designed for various skill levels. Additionally, the site features a selection of their baskets for sale, highlighting their use of the uniquely dyed materials in creating traditional to contemporary basket designs.

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  • Seaspell Whippets

    Seaspell Whippets

    Seaspell Whippets, maintained by Janine and Dusty Britton in Smyrna, Delaware, is a website dedicated to showcasing their passion for whippets. It highlights their involvement in breeding, showing, and the overall life with their whippets. The website features profiles of their dogs, details about litters, achievements in dog shows, and personal stories that illustrate their deep connection with these animals. Additionally, it includes glimpses into their life experiences, such as family trips, underscoring the integral role whippets and adventures play in their lives.

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  • Veterinary Association Management

    Veterinary Association Management

    Veterinary Association Management also started using a website years ago, designed and maintained by a local company, but as time passed, the site looked dated and updates took forever.  As we are exhibitors at their veterinary conferences, and they had reviewed our sites, they immediately engaged our services to create a fresh look, and better functionality.

    We designed and created their website from scratch, with an eye to veterinarians and the younger generation (staff at veterinary hospitals), and this site now brings in over 90% of their business!

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  • Whip Hill Whippets

    Whip Hill Whippets

    The whippet kennel, Whip Hill Whippets, owned by Hillary Frank had a very dated website, and the previous web designer was not able to update the site due to life changes. With help from the web designer and Hillary, we started on a journey to create a modern, appealing website that communicated Hillary's love of whippets, and her whippets' accomplishments. Our challenge was to use a template driven site at its current web hosting servers, showing how well we adapt to our clients’ requirements. As updates are paramount to a good website, we continue to provide timely updates in the same motif.

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  • Wild Woods Farm

    Wild Woods Farm

    Wild Woods Farm, operated by Vickie Shufer, is dedicated to connecting people with nature through various programs, products, and the cultivation of native and medicinal plants. The farm emphasizes the importance of outdoor activities, offering educational opportunities that encourage exploring and understanding the natural world. Products derived from plants grown on the farm, including teas, vinegars, and salves, aim to enhance wellness and a deeper appreciation for nature. The website serves as a platform to showcase these offerings, emphasizing holistic health and environmental stewardship.

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  • ServiceVet Technologies

    ServiceVet Technologies

    ServiceVet Technologies specializes in advanced veterinary solutions, including the J-Ray Class IV Laser System for high-dose laser therapy, surgery, and cauterization. Their website serves as a comprehensive resource for veterinary practices, offering information on the benefits of integrating laser and shock wave therapy into animal care. Additionally, it details QuickVet, a practice management system designed to streamline operations in veterinary clinics. The site aims to educate on the application of these technologies for improved animal health outcomes and practice efficiency. Visit their website for more details!

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  • KEPE Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy System

    KEPE Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy System

    The KEPE website introduces an advanced veterinary therapy called Inductive Acoustic Wave Therapy, an evolution of Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT). It is designed for treating both horses and dogs, aiming to improve conditions such as arthritis, joint pain, and ligament tears through non-invasive treatments. KEPE is highlighted for its ease of use, effectiveness, and being more animal-friendly compared to traditional shock wave devices. The website offers insights into the technology, benefits, and various conditions it can treat, targeting veterinary professionals seeking innovative treatment options. For more details, visit our website!

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