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Evolving Web Creation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Need an answer, have a question?

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What will it cost to have a great, basic website for my business or organization?
  2. What is the monthly maintenance fee for, if I've already paid for the website?
  3. How long does it take to design and create our website?
  4. Why can't I update my website? I would rather do the udpates than send them to you.

Answer 1:

To design and create a great, basic website will start around $1,500.00, with a monthly maintenance fee of $20 - $100.  When we talk about a basic website, that's traditional 4 - 6 pages with photos and content, and no elaborate structure or coding.  This is NOT a template-driven website.  All our sites are designed from the ground up, using a theme to present a consistent, engaging experience.  The sites that we have designed and created range from $1,500 - $8,000, but you can see that the cost is not outrageous, and the benefits definitely outweight the costs.  The other website costs that you need to budget are:

  • the web hosting fee (to have the website hosted on mission critical servers), usually $9.00 - $50.00 per month.  We use and recomment InfoQuest(http://www.infoquest.com/)
  • the domain registration fee, which maintains your ownership of your domain name, i.e. the website address.  For example, the domain name for this site is evolvingwebcreation.com
  • other monthly fees, basically for any 3rd party applications or plugins that you want on your website, e.g. dynamic calendar, advanced catalog store, etc.

Answer 2:

The monthly maintenance fee is not for leaving the site as it is and making sure it's always up!  Our monthly maintenance includes updating your website with new content as you send it to us (text, write-ups, photos, vidoes, etc) usually within hours or a day.  We prefer to do the updates since you usually don't have the time, and we can make sure the updates are formatted properly, verify that the updates are not missing anything and consult with you to improve the content of the updates.  Finally, we bug you on a regular basis (you let us know how often) to add content, or improve the content.  We want your site to continually grow with content, and that is usually included in the monthly maintenance fee.

We only charge addtionally when you want to add new major functionality or a large number of pages or content.  We will discuss this with you and come to an agreement.

Answer 3:

This is really up to you!  If you have the content, and have the time to answer our questions, since this is a collaborative effort, we can have your web site up and running within a week or two.  In special situations (due to extreme conditions), we've had a site up & running in 2 days!

Answer 4:

Yes, you could update your webste, but we don't recomment it.  First, updating your website doesn't just mean uploading some text and photos.

When you send us a photo, we run it through a color correction filter, and crop it if needed.  The photo's dimensions, proportions and perspective must be adjusted to fit in the site and to look great.  When we upload a photo to your website, we change the name of the photo, to include keywords, and we also add an <alt> tag or metatag onto the photo, providing a short description including keywords, to help with the search engine optimization (SEO).  Now, that's what we do with photos.

With text content, we will format it so it belongs in the site, and has the same motiff.  We will also recommend the need for a photo or additional content to enhance the presentation or the message!